Introducing Gwadar - A Huge Investment Opportunity for 2019!

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  •  Freehold Commercial & Residential Property Available
  • Why Gwadar in Pakistan is the key link of the Belt & Road Initiative.
  • Why China have bought Gwadar Harbour for 42 years from Pakistan
  • Why China are investing $4.8 Billion into Gwadar Harbour.
  • Gwadar Harbour is now Pakistan’s first Special Economic Zone and Freezone, what does this mean?
  • Why experts are predicting Gwadar will be the next Dubai.
  • Why Gwadar will be the busiest shipping port in South Asia by 2023.
  • What is the Strait of Hormuz and why is it so significant that Gwadar is located at the opening of the world’s busiest shipping route
  • How land prices in Gwadar have gone up 500% in the last 24 months and how you can benefit from this success story.

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